These 3 Hobbies Will Make You Smarter

Intelligence isn’t an easy thing to acquire. It’s undeniable that some of us are smarter than others, and whether this is due to genetics, circumstances or style of living, it’s certainly something we naturally want to improve. Here at Targetspace, we know that building your intelligence can be imperative towards being successful in whatever role you take on, so here are some methods that have been proven to help bolster our brainwaves!

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1.     Read, and read a lot

One sure fire way to build our crystallized intelligence is through acquiring new knowledge from books. While non-fiction books may be better in this regard, keeping the brain active through regular reading of both fiction and non-fiction has been associated with greater brain capacity and improved memory recall. The more you read, the smarter you get!

2.     Become more multi-cultural

Travel: Travelling and taking in different cultures helps to expand our somewhat limited stance of reality, developing an understanding for the unique points of view from these cultures to expand and build an understanding greater than our own. Not to mention that surrounding yourself with a completely novel language and customs forces our brain to adjust to a new, challenging environment.

Learn a language: In the age of language-learning apps such as Duolingo and Lingvist, it has never been easier to regulate and steadily improve our language capabilities from our native tongue. Not only does this allow us to experience a different culture and communicate with our foreign peers, but has been associated with increasing the size of the parts of the brain associated with spatial navigation and learning new information.

3.     Exercise the body, and the mind

Stay active: There have been numerous studies relating to the benefit of exercise on the mind in general. One study linked certain hormones found in the blood that are found within individuals participating in high levels of aerobic fitness, and positive effects in memory recall and function. Another study showed an increase in brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) within those who perform endurance exercises, such as jogging or cycling. This has been known to stimulate neurogenesis – the growth of new neurons – which makes us smarter.

Stay calm: Exercising the body is important but exercising the mind can be crucial towards the healthy development and training of our brains. Meditation has shown to decrease stress, something that has been proven to negatively affect our cognitive performance and memory recall.

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