Is WFH not working for you?

Is WFH not working for you?

Research would suggest that WFH (Working from home) can boost performance and improve our work/life balance, these positives should not be seen as altogether outweighing the negatives. Other studies recently conducted have indicated that co-working and flexible offices spaces which facilitate face-to-face team interaction can have wide-ranging benefits for productivity levels. It was also found that little face-to-face interaction can have adverse effects.

Office Teamwork / WFH Engagement

Since the beginning of this millennium, we have seen great strides in the evolution and improvement of office environments. Mainly due to businesses understanding the need to protect employees’ health and mental well-being. A well-designed workspace attempts to create a less stressful and more productive atmosphere.

Targetspace is active advocates in providing a work environment which not only facilitates creativity but enhances productivity. By fostering an environment which allows privacy of work as well as space for natural collaboration, Targetspace creates an atmosphere to maintain productivity and happiness amongst their members.

Unfortunately, as we currently WFH, our work can be made more challenging by the very fact that our home environments are not conducive to team engagement. Inevitably, this impacts negatively on productivity. According to one study carried out involving nine European countries (and over 250 organisations culminating in more than 11,000 workers), working from home can be detrimental to productivity levels due to team isolation. Published in New Technology, Work and Employment journal, the research study found that “group cohesiveness is positively related to performance” meaning teamwork directly impacts and benefits each individuals’ productivity levels. The very nature of an office and co-working space means that you are near your colleagues and other like-minded individuals. This nurtures informal conversations and shared experiences which, in turn, facilitates group cohesiveness.

While working from home checking with your team can quickly become another task to complete rather than a passing thought. Working with a team encourages the exchange of critical information, thereby making jobs easier to complete. However, working relationships are harder to establish and maintain when WFH. Unsurprisingly, those who WFH generally experience a sense of less cohesiveness which can often lead to a feeling of “social and professional isolation.

In a research study by the Association of Psychological Sciences, they found that productivity, engagement and job satisfaction were a “virtuous cycle”, meaning they all correlated and reinforce one another.

When an employee is more engaged, they tend to be more productive and satisfied with their job. When an employee experiences less team cohesion, their productivity will most likely drop owing to a lack of engagement and a feeling of professional isolation which “might increase the likelihood of conflict and antagonism.”

Work relationships are essential for any employee but especially for new staff and the new working generation. Building rapport with colleagues is best-done face to face as it can help find your feet in a new job, learn, grow, and ultimately advance your career. The reality is that working in a team inspires us to be our best, allowing us to connect over new ideas and ways of thinking away from our echo chambers.

21st-century co-working and office space are designed to inspire and to provoke new ideas. Working closely with team members can boost productivity levels. At Targetspace, we understand the need for face-face collaboration. We have designed meeting rooms with easy to use, state of the art technology which allows simple sharing of ideas and information. Each building also benefits from breakout areas for quick one to ones or catch-ups.

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