Five Simple Life Hacks to Enjoy Work More

Work is a major part of our lives, often taking up more hours of the day than our own friends, families and relationships. It’s important we enjoy the time we spend at work, so we’ve put together a few helpful tips to keep the glass half-full rather than empty.

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1.    Adjust your attitude.

Always start the day with positivity. Try to resist looking at your phone and take a moment to meditate. Focus on your breathing and let your thoughts wander to things you are grateful and looking forward to. Then make a mental list of what your top priorities for the day are. While you eat a healthy breakfast, why not read some inspirational or motivational quotes to better prepare yourself for the day?

2.    Bring life into your space.

Being sat at your desk for hours on end can sometimes be demotivating. Adding a few small plants to your workspace is known to benefit productivity. We all have an innate, human desire to connect with Earth’s nature, which is why having even just one green plant on the desk can help calm, relax and lift your mood overall.

3.    Distance yourself from negativity.

Office politics and gossip can often be toxic in the work place and is not something that you want to be taking up your time. Don’t let bad thoughts consume your energy and take away focus from your true priorities. At the same time, don’t shy away from your colleagues. Promote a positive team working environment by making yourself approachable when you have time and reaching out for help or advice. Humour is usually effective in turning around negativity!

4.    Don’t waste time on distractions.

When you find it difficult to focus on your task at hand try to remove any major distractions like your phone, music with lyrics or other distracting sounds. Keep your personal phone use to a minimum or don’t use it at all.

Another way to get through your workload efficiently is to plan out and prioritise parts of your day. As mentioned before, it’s very helpful to prepare your mind at the beginning of the day to categorise what your top priorities for the day are.

If your start feeling sluggish on a big task or problem, it’s usually best to take a break and come back with fresh eyes. Your body needs time regenerate and refresh. So, a good habit to get into is leaving work on time. Regularly staying late is tiring and will make work feel like a chore and ultimately drain your brain power.

5.    Keep work at work

A key to enjoying work more is to not let it creep into your personal life. Generally, we spend a third of our day in the workplace. If you let work and work-related thoughts consume more than half your day, you’re probably lacking in a healthy private social life. Family and friends are worth investing your time in because they are the ones that will be with you no matter what job you have. You also need to allocate time for yourself, to unwind and relax. You deserve to take it easy after a day of work and spend time on activities or hobbies you enjoy. This is all beneficial for keeping a good work life balance.

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