5 Simple Ways to ‘Go Green’ at Work

With everything we see and hear in the news about how our everyday habits and lifestyle is affecting the planet, it’s imperative that we make a conscious effort to lessen the negative impact we create – not just at home, but in our workplace too. There are many ways (big and small) in which we can do our bit; here are a few of our suggestions.

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Ask yourself: “Do I really need to print that?”

The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year, a shocking statistic but when you think about how many times you’ve printed something wrong or just left documents in the printer, it starts to add up. Printing documents is often unavoidable but there are many things you can do to make it a lot less wasteful. These include printing double-sided, sharing copies to avoid multiple prints, and only printing when completely necessary. How about inserting a polite note inside your email footer to gently remind recipients not to print?

Say no to single-use plastic.

Reducing our plastic usage requires only a few simple lifestyle changes, yet the effect upon our oceans and landfills is huge (and can even save you money!) The management and customer service staff at all Targetspace serviced office locations have all made a pledge to use reusable water bottles and coffee cups, to remember to bring their own shopping/carrier bags and to always keep a metal straw handy. The kitchens in all of our office buildings are fully stocked with complimentary tea, coffee, milk and sugar and our Vivreau filtered water system provides unlimited still and sparkling water – there is no need for our clients to buy hot drinks and bottled water outside.

Opt for eco-friendly office supplies.

When making your next stationery order, have a look around for products that are made from recycled and environmentally-friendly materials. You can readily purchase pens, pencils and notebooks that are made from recycled materials, even paper for your printer that has been given a new lease of life. So many plastic pens end up in landfills and oceans; choosing a biodegradable or recyclable alternative is a simple way to help combat this problem.

Bring the outside in.

One of the benefits of Targetspace serviced offices is that they are unbranded, allowing our clients to personalise and make the space their own. Why not add some plants to your workspace? Plants help to remove the pollutants created by your computer and help to cool the air around your desk. Indoor plants can help to remove around 10% of carbon dioxide in offices, as well as making it look nice too. Just make sure you remember to water them!

Switch it off.

With electronic equipment such a big part of our everyday lives – especially at work – it’s easy to forget just how much we use. On occasion, we’re all guilty of leaving the lights on, the air-conditioning pumping or the PC monitors on standby when we go home. It’s important to get into the habit of turning electrical items off when they’re not in use. Not only will you be reducing your company’s C02 emissions and fuel consumption, but you’ll also save your business money in the long run.


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