3 Crucial Tips to Stay Alert in Meetings

We’ve all been there. It’s been a long day and you’re in a time-consuming meeting, and you start to lose focus, maybe just rest your eyes a bit… before you know it, you’ve snapped out of it and everyone’s looking at you for an answer to a question you didn’t hear. Following on from our infographic a few months back, we thought we could enlighten you on a few tips and tricks to stay alert and productive in meetings!

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  1.     Stay active and get some fresh air

Being stuck in a warm, stuffy room can make it easy to doze off. If there’s a window in the meeting room, crack it open to allow for some fresh air to circulate. If this isn’t possible or you still find yourself drifting away, make an excuse to leave the room for a bit and stretch your legs. Better yet, involving regular exercise into your routine has been proven to improve cognitive function and wellbeing. You’d be surprised how much help simply not being sat down does for your attention span!

2.     Stay full of food (and caffeine)

Stomach grumbles are not a great icebreaker. It’s important to avoid hunger when you’re heading into a long meeting, so make sure to keep your stomach full of healthy food before attending! Don’t go overboard and stuff your face, as this can cause the same issues with fatigue as it would being too tired! Dehydration can be one of the leading causes for lack of focus and memory function, so make sure to quench that thirst with a pint of water before, and during the meeting. Psychology studies have shown that eating blueberries, avocados and leafy greens (mainly spinach and kale) positively affect your focus and attention. On the other hand, try and avoid saturated fats and refined carbohydrates (put that cake down), fruit juices and cured meats to fuel your brain the right way.

3.     Stay Involved

While you’re in the meeting, the best thing you can do for your focus (and your benefit) is to stay involved. While it seems obvious, taking notes and repeating these notes back to yourself during and after the meeting has a huge effect on memory retention and a proven and efficient method to organise and memorise the crucial parts of your meeting. Contribution to the meeting, alongside these notes, will also work to keep you more interested, meaning that two-hour meeting will fly by. Stay involved, stay informed!

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