3 Apps to Help Boost your Productivity

Staying productive is becoming an increasingly difficult task. With smartphones providing a constant distraction from work, we thought we’d give you some advice on mobile apps that were built to boost your productivity.

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1. Forest

We’re all guilty of glancing at our phones every now and again, but sometimes you need to set aside time to focus. “Forest” helps you become more productive by visualising how much time you’ve saved away from your phone. How? The clue’s in the name – by planting virtual trees. Users can choose a tree to plant, set the time they intend to focus for and plant their tree. They can set a focus time from 10 minutes to two hours, which will affect the size of your virtual tree. If you leave the app once the tree has been planted, it will die. At the end of the day, each tree will build a forest representing your focused time in a more visually stimulating manner. This can be adjusted to view daily, weekly, monthly and yearly forests. What’s more, a partnership with “Trees for the future” means that users can spend in-app virtual currency gained from not using their phone to plant real trees, which is always a plus.

2. Evernote

If you’re the kind of person that needs more organisation in their life, Evernote is the app for you. The app is capable of adding typed or handwritten notes, to-do’s, photos, images, web pages or audio that is searchable within the app. Notebooks, organisers and planners can be created, and all of this can be synced between devices with both Desktop and mobile app versions. In essence, you can take note of anything and store it in a manageable way, and even share particular documents from one user to another. The free version has most of the app’s main functionality, but the £4.99 per month premium membership offers a 10 GB monthly upload limit compared to the standard 60 MB. Furthermore, the premium plan allows users to link their notes to Google Drive, Outlook, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

3. Blinkist

We all know we should read more, but sometimes there’s not enough time in the day. In a world that has made us attached to our phones, the key to boosting our productivity could well be bolstering our existing knowledge. Blinkist is a subscription app that offers over 2,500 book titles from best-selling authors, all summarised into brief, 15-minute snippets. Users can sign up to a free 7-day trial to experience the key summary text and one free “daily pick” book per day. The premium version of the app allows you to listen along to each of the book synopses, unlimited access, offline libraries as well as the ability to highlight particular ideas and sync them with your Evernote. However, this will run you back from $7.50-$14.99 monthly depending on your choice of subscription.

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